Making Time Instead of Finding Time


Making time is infinitely more difficult than finding time because it requires choice.  We make a million choices in a day but how often do we make choices that benefit us.  I dream of a day before women’s lib when I only had to be a housewife.  Now, we are expected to do it all and somehow in this radical liberation, that means I choose less and less of what I want to do because I’m too busy doing everything.  If it’s important to you, you will MAKE time for it.

My husband and I have lived together for 18 years and anyone who has been together that long knows that life (i.e. CHILDREN- those pesky little time suckers) get in the way of a lot of togetherness.    He comes home at 8, we wolf down dinner, the kids sometimes humor us by going to bed before 11, and maybe we get 10 minutes to talk to each other before we pass out from the wine or sheer exhaustion.  And recently, I’ve felt really horrible about that so I’ve started MAKING time to be together… and while he didn’t particularly enjoy being woken up at 3am the first time, I’ve streamlined my approach and those pre-dawn sessions have re-energized our marriage.  You can make 30 minutes (lol just kidding- 5 minutes) of your day be about connecting physically to your mate

The same holds true for finding time to work out.  People always ask where I find the time to work out and I remind them that I’m fucking important so I make the time.  I also look for those stolen moments- minutes in my day that I can multi-task some fitness in.  For example, every time I get up to pee in the middle of the night (and since I’ve had 2 children that means about 3 times on average), I drop to the floor in my bedroom and do a 60 second plank.  I think I may have given the husband a mild heart-attack the first time I dropped down on the floor “Bec, are you OK?  Shit I thought you passed out.  Damn, I’m good.”  I’ve just stolen 3 minutes in my day to workout.  I sometimes do a wall-sit against the lockers when I’m on hall duty.  I park my car in the most remote spot in the parking lot at the mall or grocery store.  I do the stairs twice when I have to get something from the top floor at home or at work.  I do my Kegels every time a commercial comes on the radio during my commute to work (don’t forget about those muscles….grrrr).  I do lunges every time I walk back and forth from the laundry room to my bedroom, sometimes with a load of wash for those all-important arm muscles.  I do squats in-between unloading and reloading the dishwasher.  My kids make me do push-ups every time I swear in front of them (I especially like the f-bomb so recently my arms are looking pretty ripped).  There are a million moments to steal for yourself, for your health, for your fitness if it’s important to you, you will MAKE the time.  If not you will make excuses.  You only get to choose one.  Choose wisely.


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