Use Your Resources Wisely

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It’s all about technology right?  We live in the modern age where any question can be answered by Google and no matter what you need help with there’s an app for that.  We’re accustomed to getting our solutions efficiently and from a plethora of technological resources.  But we suck at using our best resources, people.

Don’t get me wrong.  Technology is to be embraced especially if you’re trying to lose weight or be healthier.  I use Pinterest to plan my nutritional meals and I love Skinny taste as a resource for this!  I use a Fitbit to count my steps.  I follow several fitness coaches on Instagram to motivate me and give me new ideas for workouts.  I track what I eat in a day in this great app called My Fitness Pal.  Technology is bringing the answers to us better than ever before.  But when was the last time you actually asked someone about what they were doing to be healthier, fitter, leaner.  My best resources have been the people who are working on similar goals, they have given me the best tips but maybe the reason that they work so well is because their ideas are tied to a bit of humanity that we are all so starved for.  Whether we know that we are craving it or not, we value and need that human connection more than ever on our fitness journey.

Someone I interacted daily with for the last 8 years went through an amazing physical transformation too and while we always smiled and exchanged pleasantries throughout the day, I got to know him because of our conversations about our parallel physical transformation.  He was the one who told me to not worry about spending an hour on the treadmill,  that it would do more for my interest, sanity, and body to bounce around to a variety of machines.  His suggestion worked for me and probably because he saw me every day for 8 years not be able to sit in one spot for more than 10 minutes.

It’s all algorithms with technology- if you search for something or like something there is an algorithm that predicts what else you would enjoy but humans have connections that offer far more variables that may better suit what you would like or what you might be interested in.  A prime example is this slightly older woman who I see every day at the gym. We say “hi” and smile but I’m obsessed with staring at her rack- it’s spectacular and while I search and pin about exercises to make your chest better I finally got up the nerve one day to ask her what exercises she does to make her boobs look so great.  “Oh honey there aren’t exercises for that, there’s only surgery.”  She took my hand and let me feel them (yeah that’s the kind of stuff that happens in the women’s gym at 5 am- in case you’re wondering) and I remember thinking how they weren’t soft like mine and how much my kids would hate cuddling against them.  Try that on Pinterest…if you like her boobs, you might also like your own fleshy mammary glands.  Algorithm broken.

People watch and then ask…while you might not get your answer as quickly as Google, you might be surprised by the answer you do get and it might help you on your fitness journey in ways you didn’t expect.  I always watch people when I’m working out and I’m never afraid to ask how to use a machine or ask what they do to get a desired result (although I wouldn’t recommend asking men- I’ve learned the hard way that asking how to use a machine somehow translates into a request to be penetrated).  Use your human resources as you get stronger and leaner and besides making some new friends and having some fun stories to tell, you might make a connection that an algorithm can’t make for you, a human connection.


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