Goals are for People Who Lack Imagination


Everyone who is anyone in fitness and nutrition will tell you that setting goals is paramount to any weight loss or fitness program…I think that’s bullshit.  Goals have an end point, whether you set big goals or small goals they are attainable, they can be completed.  When I started losing weight, I didn’t have a number in mind because I didn’t want to limit how far I could go.  I didn’t want to make boundaries for myself that would dampen in my progress.  Goals should be about a direction (stronger, faster, and leaner) not a destination.

I’d like you to imagine that you’re back in middle school looking all fabulous with your braces and zits and robed in pubescent awkwardness.  Try to remember back to the math lesson where you learned the difference between a line segment and a ray….remember a line segment has a finite beginning and ending and rays have a beginning point but go on forever in one direction.  Let’s look at our journey as a ray not a line segment….and I only say this because I don’t want you to stop.  I want you to be hungry for things you never thought possible.

When I was a little girl growing up in a broken home without any money or stability and too many children (there were 5 of us- that seemed like too many at the time), I made goals for myself.  I wanted to have a husband who would never leave me (check), a number of children that I could afford to support and pay for college for (that’s 2),  a nice home and a career that I loved.  Looking around, I’ve accomplished that before 40 sooooooo where do I go from here….Should I have shot for more?  Were my goals too attainable and now that I have the husband and the kids and the dog and the house, can I dream bigger or am I limited by what I’ve already accomplished?  I know lots of people who are dieting and exercising to lose weight for a vacation or a class reunion….once they get there, they will inevitably put it back on because their goal was attained….without a specific goal, there is always something to work and strive for…this seems like a lifetime commitment and isn’t that the kind of commitment we all seek?

When setting your fitness goals or your life goals in general keep them open and loose…I know there’s a sexual innuendo in there that I’m missing, feel free to fill in your own.  Your goals are only a direction for you to go, the start of a ray that goes on indefinitely…don’t limit yourself to a number, a size, a quantity but dwell in things unimaginable and I’m pretty sure that you will find them to be attainable too.


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