Variety is the Spice of Everything!

Paulo cohelo one of my favorite writers:

Monotony (like its cousin monogamy) can get pretty boring.  There are only a handful of animals in the whole animal kingdom that are monogamous for life and why is that so rare?  Even animals know that variety is important for survival.  How many marriages end because they lost the spark and settled into an unfulfilling routine.  How many people leave their jobs because they are sick and tired of living Groundhog Day for eternity?  Endeavor to kick monotony out of every facet of your life, especially when you’re getting fit.

I never followed those fad diets where you drink nothing but lemon water for 12 days or only eat nuts until you turn into a squirrel, not because I don’t have the will power but because I HATE (yes, that’s in big, screaming capital letters) monotony.  If you’re like me at all, you probably feel the same way.  Eating the same thing every night (you salad eaters- I’m talking to you) is about as exciting as having sex in the same position every time..You wouldn’t do that and expect a slamming sex life, so why would you eat the same thing everyday and complete the same workout and expect positive results?

While the goal is always about getting healthier, eating better and working out more, there is more than one way to feed your appetites and that’s with a little diversification.  Eat a variety of foods; bright,colorful ones are usually packed with the most vitamins and nutrients (and they look pretty too – and that’s important).  Your body needs a bunch of different foods to perform optimally for weight loss so give your body what is needs. When you’re working out, pick a manageable number (calories or minutes- I use 100 calories as my marker) and change machines when you hit it. Don’t limit yourself to leg days and arm days (and have to walk funny or get help getting your sports bra off).  Work on everything, everyday!  Workout during different times of day and note what feels best, when your energy is highest and lowest.  Some days, skip the gym and hit the pool or the track or  a hiking trail instead.  Do a workout video in the morning and  and use all those damn workout pins you’ve been pinning and not using (flatter tummy, booty builder, etc) before bed.

So when you’re crafting your diet and your workout routine, banish monotony and keep your interest and motivation high.  Don’t let any part of your life get into a rut.  Seek out ways to change up your routine and you might find that it’s not so routine at all.




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