Cheer For Your Own Damn Self

Image result for cheerleading pom poms

Remember when your parents went to your soccer or basketball game and you were out there hustling extra hard because you knew they were watching and you could hear them cheering you on from the sidelines?  Remember how great that felt?  When did we stop doing that?  Why did people stop cheering us on?  Did getting a paycheck replace that?  Damn it…I still need to hear some cheering from the sidelines and since the likelihood of my boss coming to watch me teach every day and dole out high fives every time a kid gets a concept is small, I guess I’ll have to cheer for my own damn self.

On any given day, I’m sitting in the stands or on the sidelines cheering for my kids at soccer, tennis, basketball, etc.  I’m critiquing their performance, motivating them to push harder, celebrating their successes, encouraging them when they don’t get the outcome they want.  We do this for children because we know they need it to develop and grow not just as athletes but as humans yet somewhere after high school, we stop doing this.  I guess the expectation is that you have enough praise and encouragement by the age of 10 and if not that’s all you’re getting damn it!.  Many people employ trainers for this in their weight loss journey…I didn’t mainly because I’m too cheap and didn’t workout at normal times but that doesn’t mean I didn’t find my own source of encouragement on my fitness journey.  I used Facebook.

My real friends are too busy with their own crazy parallel lives to really give me the consistent feedback I so desperately needed.  My husband’s loving words of encouragement fell on deaf ears- I mean he loved me when I was fat so his words aren’t really impartial are they?   So I turned to that all important periphery group of friends- Facebook.  Yes, I became that needy chick who constantly checked in every time I went to the gym, posted endless memes about being hungry and missing carbs, and plastered waaaayyyy too many  selfies as I got smaller and smaller.  Yes, I’m sure there were friends who thought I was annoying and YES I was being annoying but somewhere along the line two things happened.  First, I got the cheering that I needed from their comments and likes and it helped me to be accountable (you don’t want to be that girl who posts about being at the gym all the time and then never lose any weight) and second, my journey helped motivate people in ways I didn’t anticipate.  People came up to me (yes outsides of Facebook land) and told me that they were starting their own weight loss plan based on what I was doing.  I also found a small core group who motivated and cheered me on and that made more of a difference than the whole Knicks cheer leading squad standing around the treadmill as I lumbered through my 11 minute mile.

Don’t be afraid to need to be cheered on…use social media, send dirty pictures to your partner every night, get a trainer.  We need it and in some ways it’s equally as important as the diet and excersize.   And don’t forget to put your hair in pigtails every now and again and grab those pom poms and root yourself onto victory because we need it, yes, even after we are 10.



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