Wear Those Battle Scars with Pride


We all have them, even if you’re perfect, somewhere on your body are those pesky little lines that tell the story of where your body transformed for some greater purpose and instead of breaking- it stretched.  Maybe you hide them with clothing or rub some magical cream on them every night with the hope that they will be concealed or removed entirely but I say celebrate them- they are battle scars and show that your body transformed instead of breaking.

When I’m teaching my students about how new buildings in California are constructed with springs into their foundations so they wiggle when an earthquake hits instead of tumbling, I’m always reminded of how important flexibility is in all things.  Rigid things will break, crumble, disintegrate.  The things that survive are malleable- they can handle an earthquake-like change and with a wiggle and a bounce, they remain standing. Nowhere else is this more important to remember and embrace than when you’re trying to lose weight.  There are going to be days when you don’t make it to the gym and you fill your body with things that aren’t the healthiest.  There will be times when you don’t see progress and you think about quitting.  But you won’t because you’ll look down at those little lines of text that curve around your breasts and hips and stomach and you’ll read the story they tell of the woman you once were and the amazing things your body is capable of doing.

I remember when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter and the midwife told me prior to giving birth that the pelvic bones in a woman actually bend to make room to push out a little miracle…and while I’ll admit it terrified me, it also took my breath away.  My bones can BEND to bring life into this world.  And while I’m the first to admit that those lovely stretch marks don’t always fill me with pride- I’ve started to look at them with a sense of awe.  Damn,  I’m fucking amazing- my skin can expand to hold a human within it and my bones can bend to bring forth life- I think that makes me some kind of mythical goddess.  And I’ll admit that not all of those lines are from bringing a baby into the world, some of them are from bringing too many cupcakes into my mouth but this doesn’t take away from their beauty.  I was still able to transform from someone who used food as a weapon to someone who fought back and took control.  I wear those stretch marks now like Xena the Warrior Princess wears the scars of battle because like her, I’m a bad ass who doesn’t stopping fighting even when an army of enemies is bearing down on me.  Don’t give up, don’t be ashamed, own the amazing things that your body can do when you’re focused.

Be flexible as you start to make better choices for yourself and learn to love the things you once hated…Celebrate the things that show you are a fighter, a survivor, and that you may sway in the storm but that you will never fall, you will never let anything destroy you…not even that cupcake.


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