Be Choosy About What Comes into the Temple.

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I’ve heard the expression that your body is a temple and up until recently when I envisioned this I imagined it more like Mayan ruins draped in vines and overgrowth visited only by those who dared rather than as an ornate Chinese temple complete with a pagoda and a grotto with lines of supplicants waiting days to worship there.  But now that the second image is the one I identify with my own body, I’ve become very choosy about what I let into it.

I’m going to try to say this without being super graphic but there are only so many orifices that act as entry points into your temple…we can skip the sexual ones until later (don’t worry I would never skip those).  First lets focus on the mouth.  I was never a discriminating eater which quite frankly was the main problem…I’d eat anything to attempt to replicate that full feeling.  As I became more restrictive with my eating and focused on foods that my body could use to maximum capacity, I became hyper selective with those cheat meals or special treats.  No gas station cupcake was going to be worth the extra hour at the gym…if I was going to eat a cupcake it was going to be from Magnolia.  I wasn’t going to cheat with a greasy McDonald’s cheeseburger, it was going to be a 5 star Michelin rated restaurant.  I wasn’t going to just have a bottle of beer- it was going to be so crafty it came with a knitted cozy. Selecting special indulgences made them feel special but more than that they made me feel special.  I am worthy of great things so I only put great things inside of me.

This idea permeated into every aspect of my life- yes every!  I didn’t let sub-par conversations into my ears either because ultimately they would end up in my head and that is the most sacred part of the temple- it should be protected at all costs.  I stopped frequenting the break room at work, all that negative speak which seems benign in the moment, was poisoning my view of my job and my colleagues.  I was equally as choosy with my friends, when the talk wasn’t edifying to my soul, I made my escape and yes that does mean sometimes I eat alone.  Now the eyes are another way we let things into the temple that you probably don’t think about that often but I spent a lot of time and money making my home, my wardrobe, and even my children look extra pleasing aesthetically.  I got rid of clutter, organized, and made the world that I spent my day staring at a beautiful one.

So now I’m ready to talk about those other orifices…yes sex.  If my body is now a temple, you need not even knock at the door unless you’re bringing the ultimate sacrament.  While I am a mom, so I get the idea that sometimes it needs to happen in the laundry room because that’s the only place the kids won’t look for you…but you never see the monks just throwing flowers and the alter and then leaving right?  I’m worthy of some concentrated focus and planning, right?  And don’t even think about kneeling at the entrance with a shitty attitude because you had a bad day at work.  This is some grade A temple here and it deserved to be worshiped with a focused heart and a clear mind.  While yes, this all seems a little silly, it is a very real aspect of this transformation that has emerged from the belief that I am worthy of only the best.  When you know your worth and start demanding to be treated at that value, you’ll be surprised to see that those who also know your worth are more than willing to treat you as the treasure you are.  Don’t be afraid to be discriminating, in fact be as picky as your toddler at the dinner table.  Putting good things that edify and enrich into your body will make you feel powerful and sacred and those are things that you deserve so accept nothing less.  Your body is the temple and you are the deity who controls what comes in…choose wisely.


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